Q. What is your hourly rate of service?

A. Please call the office at 804-569-6104 for our current rates.

Q. Some other companies I’ve called have quoted me a low base rate, but then they add on additional charges if the coverage I need is on a weekend, or if it is after 5 p.m., or if it is less than an 8 hour block.  Do you do this?

A. No, our rate is always the same.  Day, night, weekday, weekend, even holidays – it does not change.  We feel that this is the simplest for our clients to understand.  There are no hidden charges.  This way the client is never surprised.

Q. A friend of mine said it might be cheaper to hire someone through an ad in the newspaper.  Should I do this?

A. We would recommend not doing this, as there are a number of risks you take.  First of all, this person will not be bonded should any of your values turn up missing.  They will also likely not be insured for liability within your home.  Furthermore, if the person is not reporting their income you may be held liable for payroll taxes by the government.  As well, you could be liable for unemployment benefits should you ever discontinue your relationship with that caregiver.

Q. Are your caregivers experienced?

A. Yes, in fact, the average age of our caregivers is 52 years old, which is much more mature than most companies.  We provide training for all of our caregivers and our nurses ensure that each caregiver is trained to perform the tasks that are needed for each client.

Q. How quickly can you have someone if I want to start service for my parent?

A. Usually we can place a caregiver with a client within eight hours of receiving your call.  Of course this is always dependent on the location of the client and the hours of coverage being requested.