Covenant Home Care’s 24-hour clients love our foot nurse. Qualifying clients get a visit every 90 days. During the visit they receive personalized foot and hand care in the comfort of their home.

Covenant Care provides foot and hand care each quarter as a bonus service to our 24 hour clients

Covenant Home Care Certified Foot Care Nurse program has a positive impact on our aging community. The service provides much needed foot and hand care while in the comfort of their home. It eliminates our client’s need for transportation to a podiatrist or nail salon. A registered nurse, that is certified in foot care, provides lower limb assessments, nail clipping/debridement, callus & corn reduction/care and light massage to feet and lower legs. Every 24-hour client can take advantage of our foot and hand care service at no cost to them every quarter.

Covenant Care registered nurse, certified in foot care, with a Covenant Care client.

Covenant Home Care developed the foot and hand care program because so many of our clients complained of walking issues. Many felt their toenails were too long, or had calluses on their feet, or corns that prohibited them from ambulating. This quarterly service helps maintain good foot health, which is very important for proper ambulation. It also allows the nurse to report any issues that may need to be addressed by a physician.

registered nurse performing nail care on a Covenant Home Care client

The results of this foot and hand care service have been amazing. It helps our clients maintain ambulation and gives them something to look forward to. The nurse even polishes the client’s toes if that’s something they enjoy. The nurse will let them pick out the polish color and the clients enjoy this time with the nurse so much.