Recovery Care

Recovery Care Services

When you need to undergo an outpatient procedure, or are getting discharged from the hospital, it can be difficult to find someone to help you. Today’s business climate often makes it difficult for employees to get time off from work, and many families live long distances from each other these days. Either situation can add stress when you really need to relax and finish healing. Covenant Home Care can help make this process a breeze through our short-term Recovery Care services. When you plan with us for recovery care, we pick you up, bring you home and help you get settled in.  We can prepare you a meal or a snack, run to the pharmacy and get prescriptions, and tidy up around the house. We can also be there with you for a few hours, so you can rest, and help you manage visitors or phone calls after you get home.

Even if you do have someone to help you on discharge day, often you need assistance beyond that day. We’ve worked with clients recovering from a stroke, hip replacement, and other procedures who have found our services helpful on so many levels.  Covenant Home Care’s Recovery Care services truly give you an opportunity to follow doctor’s orders and take the time to properly recover from your procedure. Give us a call today.