What our clients say…


I loved Margaret!  In just a couple of days I really grew to like her and depend on her experience.  She is a very comforting person. I hope our paths cross again one day.  Kristen


Again, thanks for your team’s help.  You have good ones in Sara and Diana.  You and your company are the best. Jerry 


Jamesha is a doll – she is working out great. She is a good fit. Karin


Hello John & Lorna,

Thank you for availing Wine to help with the care of my wife. The brain injury from the stroke can cause challenging circumstances at times, and Wine did a wonderful job helping us through the difficult transition from (skilled care company) to in-home care.

Not only does Wine possess very good in-bed patient and domestic skills, she is dutiful, willing, punctual and has an excellent, cheerful disposition in executing her responsibilities. 

Because our family (especially me) and friends are compelled to play an active role in the care and healing process, Wine had to respect that parameter, and she did.    

My wife has also been blessed with terrific PT, OT and nursing care from (skilled care company), and Wine complemented them well.



Thank you so much Lorna.  We wish you, John and all Covenant’s caregivers a very Merry Christmas and are so thankful for the care and compassion everyone shows to mom and our family.  We could not survive mom’s illness/disease without the able help from everyone from your team.  I pray that your team can find time to rest and rejuvenate which I know can be very hard with the work that you do.  God bless you all.  Let’s all pray for peace and blessings through this season-love to you all as well. Cameron


A quick thank you. (Caregiver’s name)  is a keeper. Her professionalism is refreshing and impressive. Her few minutes delay in signing in today was due to my phone issues (since resolved, contingencies in place) Thanks again, she really knows her stuff and I feel very physically safe  with her. Stay cool.

Stacey G. – Richmond


“Dear Lorna and John,

Although we used your service for such a short time, I want to thank you both.  Lorna, I spoke to you after speaking to another company and was so worried my needs for one hour of help twice a day would not work with your business.  You made me feel that it would all work out.  I enjoyed meeting John. You both made me feel confident in my choice. (Caregiver’s name) was hired to help my Dad.

She could not have been more perfect for the job.  She was a professional, and we knew right away that she had experience and was right for the job.  My brother, son, sister and I found her warm, responsive and a real trooper.  Her first day was the day my Dad had hit some real pain and actually revealed it.  She helped us realize that we needed to tell him what we needed to do and then give him some time to digest it.

Thanks Again,


“Just wanted you to know that many prayers were answered when you found (Caregiver’s name) for us. She is delightful and such a good fit for our family. Thank you and God bless.”
-Sue H.

” (Caregiver’s name) is the most wonderful caregiver, it’s like she’s part of the family.  We feel blessed to have such a caring person assisting mom”.
– Gail, daughter of client

“We had several bad experiences with other caregivers, so we were very apprehensive, but the caregivers Covenant Home Care has sent us have been wonderful.  They are very attentive to our parents and are DEPENDABLE, which allows us to not worry”.
– Lisa & Carol, daughters of client

“I was in a bind.  My friend uses Covenant Home Care for her father and suggested I call to see if they could help.  I ended up talking with John and 20 minutes later he was at our door.  He ended up taking mom to Circle Center for the day and then picked her up and brought her home.  He never even charged me for his time.”
-Julie, neighbor of a client

“Mom has lived alone for over 10 years and we didn’t think she would accept any help, now we can’t reach her by phone half the time because she and (Caregiver’s name) are out taking craft classes or working in the garden”.
-Tom, son of client

“John – I can not tell you how much help and comfort (Caregiver’s name) was to us. She was an angel from the other side of the earth sent to care for our dad”.
-Fred, son of client

“I am writing to thank you for our association during the past five years. You have always been responsive, compassionate and a true gentleman at all times. Thank you for helping our whole family through a stressful five years. As you know my husband was very special to all of us and we are grateful for your help”.
-Frances, wife of client

John, just so you know…you couldn’t have picked a better person to provide care for Aunt E than J., at this critical time in our lives. With the impending move coming, she was incredibly supportive of getting Aunt E. to appointments, running errands with her, and helping to step her through the sorting process of the belongings she needed to bring with her to her new apartment…Aunt E. can be quite a force of nature at times, and J. had a way of meeting her where she was, respectfully, and then making her laugh and lighten up. PERFECT.

She kept me informed at every critical juncture, shared photos and emails with me so that I had all of the information that I needed to get multiple tasks accomplished on my end, and kept things moving. She even provided me with some great coaching regarding how to best help Aunt E. settle into her new surroundings – things to do and to consider as we settled her into her new space. I found this guidance on planning to be extremely helpful, and I believe it’s helped us to minimize our collective stress.

Covenant Home Care came to the rescue when we needed a compassionate provider to step in within a short period of time….and I truly appreciated your taking your personal time on a Sunday, away from your son’s game, to come and meet with us and provide us with an overview of your services. We were so fortunate to have you and your team there for us. Thank you!!!

Kindest regards,
S. (The niece of one of our live-ins)



John Swierczewski(President) with one of our clients.