An In Home Care Assessment can sound intimidating. After all the definition of assessment is the action or an instance of making a judgement about something. You might ask yourself:

  • What are they going to want to know?
  • How personal is it going to get?
  • Can I trust them with my personal information?
  • Are they going to judge me?

All of these are normal questions and concerns one might experience when you think about the prospect of being assessed by someone whom you have never met. At Covenant Home Care we wish we had a better word for it, but it is the best word in the English language for the activity.

It is the best word because a judgement is made during the meeting. You judge whether our services are right for you or not. We do not judge you or your loved one during this meeting. Our only goal is to ensure you understand what we can and cannot do and how those services may or may not help you. As a leader in the home health care field, we can also assist you in exploring services you may want that we cannot offer.

in home care assessment meetingThe other reason it is the best word is we use our expertise to help you evaluate the level of care you need. Based on the concerns, issues and details of activities you want accomplished, we make an in home care assessment about the level of care that would best meet those requirements. Why do you need us to help you with that? Because we can clearly explain the difference between Companion, Personal Care or Skilled Care. We also can explain the legal terms medical and non-medical care. Whereas those legal definitions are relatively equivocal to persons not in our industry.

During the in home care assessment, we can also assist you with possible programs and benefits that may be available to you. And, lastly, we can help you understand IRS regulations that may influence the type of care you may choose to employ. So yes, a lot of assessments occur during the meeting, which is why it is the best word to describe the activity. We know the word sounds clinical, perhaps even cold, but we assure you the in home care assessment is a way to get to know us and your options. And the information you share with us during the meeting is completely confidential whether you choose to hire us or not.

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